Being a hard working mom of 6 beautiful children can become a task within itself. When I honestly look back on what we’ve accomplished individually and as a family would astonish most. My children are my world, they are my beginning and end. Fashion on the other hand I would consider to be the daily task within that crazy world. I always seem to make a way to incorporate it.

This blog was also inspired by my late mother Lowraine McGill (1957-2015). She always felt that i had an eye for spending and a sense of affordability while executing. It should never hurt to look good.

This blog would hopefully inspire you to do what makes you happy regardless the outcome or reaction of others. Moms can and will continue to be Sexy, Sophisticated and Dress on edge as we did before fulling our lives with our children. MOTM ( Moms On The Move) will help you to achieve the goal of Flaunting every inch of your size with class.