Hand Candy of the Week

It has definitely been a minute since I posted anything on my blog site. Life has been tremendously busy as you will soon see. This set of nails were inspired by my three-year-old son Sire in his original yet complacent cartoon shirt. All hand designed by Sunshine Nails in VA.


HandCandy of the Week


IMG_4189[1]I call these my #Hotwheel nails. My son turns 15 today and he Loves … or  should I say LOVE hotwheels and or cars.. Now he’s more into social media and gurls, so the cars took a back burner for now. At least not for mom they haven’t.



OOTD 12/13

There’s comes times when the Dress actually becomes a oversize shirt with Spandex Bottoms, but when eating right and not so much focusing on exercise becomes a everyday necessity you have results. Heres to reverting back to your original form.