Ms. Rubi Bean
Rubi at her Kindergarten graduation with the nest teacher in the world Ms. Sixbey
Beanie: 4th of July Weekend
Devon Dude: 4th of July weekend, When refuse to misout of the water festivities.
Sire: 4th of July Weekend
The Sweetest teenager ever. Shes not innocent but in this picture she comes so close to it…
My Oldest son Chay. As a teenage boy i cant seem to never get the right picture of him. This photo was completely off guard but for some reason it captures him perfectly. My Young Man
Introducing “Devon Da Camera Guy” he always manages to get Mommies day started by making sure all “HDR” “FLASH” and “Portrait” photos are ready to go. He’s the wittiest coolest 3rd Grader to ever hit the scene. My surfer boy Devon Dude. YES hes getting paid for his services #InKisses LOL

My youngest daughter Beanie on her 6th Bday. Shes the sweetest Kindergarten and in the same breath her words will cut you deep like a Knife. Mind of a child Mouth of a 80 year old Cheeky women.
Perfection in the Little things Mr Sire my 22mth old.
My oldest Daughter La ….Prom 2K17.


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