Personal Accomplishments

The day has came and gone .. I was Sooooo nervous it was ridiculous, you would’ve thought it was my first time graduating but anytime you accomplish something you never thought you could can be a scary and on edge situation. The lines were extremely long to enter the Arena of course, But this time around i remember to bring my flats. The Heels literally didn’t go on until i hit the entrance and then it became a Leap frog motion to the podium.

My daughter and I came up with this idea. Despite my rough edges i am a pearls, lace and bow type of women. We tried to implement this into my cap, which i think came out pretty well.  It definitely help with singling me out from the other graduates.

Ms. Cedrica: Some people come into your Life for a season and or reason, this young lady has been there through them all.  When i first met her i never knew exactly what angle she was coming from, maybe it was because she wasn’t coming from neither, everything was from the heart. This young lady has been through so much doing her 30 years on this earth and for the last 10 years she has endured they same situation and over came them. She has never let me down nor herself even when times were trying. Her smile and spunky ways seem to always light up the room especially when her favorite artist Rihanna performs OMG… shes honestly obsessed. Shes my Dric and love every bit of her.
Rochelle: My chocolate Lumpskins. This young Lady is a cousin from another mother. She my Rastafarian princess . If i ever need to check someone she would be the one to initiate it. She has the sweetest soul and the saltest attitude. She has NO patience for non-sense or BS, regardless if your family if your wrong you WILL gets checked. Shes not biased regardless your title to her . Wrong is Wrong and right is right but its ALWAYS love..
Mr Ed: Yes, you heard it right. Mr This man right here as been in my life since i was 6 years old. I don’t honestly look at him as a step Dad because that’s just not role he has mastered in my Life… He help me with my First car and has always given me nothing but fatherly advise during my younger years and has continued as an adult. He lost his wife and i Lost a best Friend  but we both learn to out aside our difference and support the family in her absence.  This is actually the 2nd graduation he has attended out of the 3 and he states hell always be there for the ones in the Future.
My motivation for EVRYTHING. This is my Crew. 3 Gurlz and 3 Boyz, i wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone has there own personal touch to my life but they all inspire me to do the best i can and more. Despite today’s society my kids are the most grounded children you’ll fine.. They actually still have a VCR in there room. lol, along with there Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo 64. Now, of course its hard to fine clear VHS tapes but hey it still works.

My Oldest Gulz: Watch my every step.


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