OOTD 6/28

#BananaRepublic Hot pink ,A line silhouette button down dress. I choose nude….well….. i was HONESTLY rushing i originally had a pair of soft gray heels till i realized my belt was more taupe than grey. So a quick shoe changes was in effect.  

OOTD 6/26

Short & to the Point. Literally lol… Were definitely missing some threads at the bottom of this piece or should i say.. I didn’t pass the hands to your side (High school/Church) test we did as kids but hey it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling my Newly Graduated Self.. This dress is brought to you by #Alfani, its 3 years old but still does the trick. The fabric is a scary nylon material i say that because every time i touch it with an iron i swear its going to go up in flames.  It has pocket but i dare not use them since the dress is so HIP hugging.. The shoes are #CharlesDavid almost 5 years old platform height of 6 inches.